Monday, January 25, 2016

Breathing Space

Christmas and New Year has been a very busy time for the artists involved in the Graydon Gallery exhibition. It has been especially busy for me as I have been  helping my son to shift houses  and  my house is going on the market.

A name for the exhibition has been found, and it is 'Breathing Space'.  Artist Jennifer McDuff put forward the title saying...'Breathing Space' is the time you allow yourself to think, to regroup, to reflect on ideas.
It is also the space where you can make mistakes and from them learn to assimilate ideas or discard them.
Nothing is more precious to an artist than this time.' 

Some of the artists have finished the works for the exhibition and some have a little more work to do. I am finalising the price list and have touched base with our marketing guru, Jess Marsellos.

I will be transporting a couple of large canvases, so I will be trying to find a  courier that handles artworks.

All of the artists are getting excited now.

'Landscape' Acrylic collage, 76 x 105cm

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