Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WBHD opening

The WBHD opening was at BRAG last Saturday morning at 10am, in order to link up with our Las Cruces, New Mexico counterparts.

Trudie, Jenny and their gallery assistants had the space beautifully set out.  There was a good turnout of appreciative artlovers who enjoyed the delicious appetisers and the live music while they perused the artworks.  Our Skype link up failed for the opening speeches,  but mysteriously became operative at a later stage.

I had the chance to talk via Skype to the lovely lady who purchased my work, 'Cane Cutter's Moon' seen below.

This work was my favourite of the four I have on show.  It is an acrylic collage on canvas. It was inspired by memories of the night-time cane fires that were once so prevalent around Bundaberg. Smoke haze and cane 'trash' would fill the air - the thick, dusty smell of the burn invading our senses.  Orchestration was  conducted to the sharp snaps and cursing crackles of the ravaging blood red and gold flames that whipped themselves into a frenzy, desperately penetrating the big sky. Trying to hold on.

But to no avail, the performance was soon over. Trash eventually falling to the ground, arranging itself into a fragile black veil that encompassed all.

These days, the cane is mostly cut green.


  1. I still get a lot Of black snow falling near me. I live over northside on the high side and get spectacular views of the. Burn offs.

  2. You are very lucky! Thanks for your comment.