Sunday, March 8, 2015

Place Activation Project Opening

It was a beautiful Queensland evening for the walking tour of the North Bundaberg businesses that have been sponsored by Creative Regions with an RADF (Regional Arts Development Fund) grant.  Several artists were engaged to develop  outdoor seating options that might encourage people to come to North Bundaberg to try the various restaurants and bakeries.

All the projects were done on a very tight budget and they are a credit to all involved.  Below; Artist Jennifer McDuff paints the large tubs that will be planted with lemon trees.  Each tub has been placed in a corner of the chess board, which is made of pavers.

A few nights after the opening, my friend, Brad Marsellos came down to Bella Martino's to check out the chess board.  I had designed the chess pieces and Jennifer had designed all the trimmings, that made the project even more special.

Two young guys had a complex game going, which was exciting.  There was a beautiful full moon that evening.

I will post pictures of the other projects later this week.  C x


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