Friday, October 4, 2013

Wide Bay - High Desert Project

The Wide Bay - High Desert exhibition is currently on display at the Childers Art Gallery (ChArts). Four artists from Las Cruces, New Mexico and four artists from the Wide Bay region have come together to create a fabulous exchange exhibition.

Each artist produced four works, two of which have been retained in the home gallery, and two sent to the distant gallery.

On Saturday October 12th we will celebrate the opening of the two exhibitions, simultaneously.  There will be a Skype linkup if all goes well.  A blog has been maintained over the course of the exhibition, and provides some interesting reading. Below are the four images I produced for the  project. I feel very privileged to be a part of this exciting project.  Congratulations also to Jenny Gilbertson, Trudie Leigo and Catherine Brenner  for organising this project.

'Special Selection"   Unsettled Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico
'Queensland Vacation' ChArts, Childers, Australia 
'Aussie Bush Bride' Unsettled Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico
'Arrival in  Paradise', ChArts, Childers, Australia 

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  1. Cannot wait to see the Las Cruces work in person, Christine. These look fabulous.