Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WideBay/HighDesert exchange exhibition

I have borrowed some text from the new blog site for the WideBay/HighDesert Exchange exhibition project:

About Wide Bay – High Desert

'What happens when you bring artists from opposite sides of the planet together to create an exhibition? Let’s take 4 artists from Queensland, Australia and 4 from New Mexico, USA and find out! After much work behind the scenes, the result is Wide Bay – High Desert, a collaborative exhibition project between artists from two regional areas, with very different geographical and cultural perspectives, and simply overflowing with creative people. The artworks resulting from this collaboration will be shown at two beautiful but quite different galleries; one in Las Cruces and the other in Childers.
We’re also entering the world of digital technology to see if we can successfully pull off this joint exhibition. The artists will be using this blog to get to know each other and share their ideas as they work towards the final exhibition. Which will give you the chance to find out where those amazing finished works of art come from; how artists think, how and why ideas change and most importantly, how we’ll celebrate the official opening’s’!
We hope Wide Bay – High Desert will help grow a new audience for these talented artists and expand their international horizons, whilst at the same time allowing everyone a glimpse into their creative processes. Thanks for joining us on this adventure.'

This will be an interesting blog, so save this link to go to the homepage.

Below is a digital image I have developed for this project.  It may not be one chosen for the October exhibition, but it is a start. I have used some past images with photographs of a 3d assemblage and a photograph taken from a plane over Bundaberg. So there are several layers combined here.


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