Sunday, February 10, 2013

Art and Duck talk

I'm hoping to get this blog more focused on art again, as things seem to be settling down  a bit now across the flood ravaged areas.  Some people are returning to their homes in North Bundaberg now, which seemed to be one of the worst affected areas.. 

I just called by Phil and Marlies's art framing shop, and the tilers had about a quarter of the tiles down.  The shop is looking superb. New light grey paint, new tiles, new decorative windows, nice dark red accent.  The shop will be rearranged and ready for a fresh start.  Sounds like time for a party....almost - have to get all that art paper back to the shop, from Dirty Linen.    The papers and books and some other vulnerable materials had been transferred to DL for safe keeping and to prevent them getting contaminated with mould spores.

I am thinking we will have a party at DL this weekend coming as many artists and friends have indicated the desire to get together.  There are many issues to address and the need to de-brief after the storm , the  flood, the Bundaberg Bohemians show and so on.  We also need to discuss the future of Dirty Linen, which is in some doubt.

To lighten these more sombre issues, there is bound to be some light-hearted chat and even some concerns  about Brad Marsellos's plan to bring a 5 story yellow rubber duck from it's home in Sydney Harbour, to our Burnett River, to bring a smile to the faces of many and to put forward the notion that the river won't beat us...which is a fact!! 

Go to the following link for Duck information.  Small rubber ducks are appearing all over town.  See if you can spot one. I saw two today!!/BringTheDuckToBundy?fref=ts


Give the duck a go!...and talk art soon!   c x

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