Friday, June 1, 2012

Painting with Light

Our indefatigable ABC Open Wide Bay Producer, Brad Marsellos has introduced us to another  interesting subject to extend our photography practices.   We have been learning how to  'paint with light'.

Bring together a group of people, each armed with their camera, tripod and a torch. Find a quiet park, on a dark night. Add to the mix our tutor Brad, and soon the fun begins

Cameras were fixed to tripods and were set to Manual. The cameras were also set for long exposures of 15 to 30 seconds. Flashes were turned off sometimes and on at other times.  Usually we stood behind our subjects, torches pointing towards the camera.  We would quickly paint the subject person with the illuminated torches, then run to the back of the camera to see what results we had.

There was great excitement  amongst the participants! We ended up with pictures of  angels and Jedi type warriors and all manner of things.  Some very interesting portraits were produced.

I went on to experimenting at home with mannequins in my studio. I hope you find the results interesting.  I have selected a couple of the best pictures to show you. If you want to see more, check out my Flickr site at:

Brad will be conducting another Light Painting Workshop soon, so join in by contacting him through the  link above.  Use that link also to find out about the Snapped:Light painting project that you can join in with if you want to.  The workshop and project are both free to participants!!

Till soon,

c x

Till soon c x

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