Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Article for the Newsmail

I sent the Newsmail an article about the exhibition at gallery39 . Catherine and I put down some words yesterday, and Susan  took some pictures. Carol Seeger rang from Hervey Bay today to see how things were going.

We had a visit  yesterday by some ladies from Arts Qld  who were reviewing venues for the 'Artspoken' conference in October. They  loved the work in the gallery and 3 pieces were purchased.

I dropped in to see Clinton and find out what was happening about the show he is thinking of curating for my new revamped gallery..'Dirty Linen' when it opens in October. He has some interesting ideas. If you are an artist interested in drawing, contact me by email: and I will forward your information to Clinton.

I really want my fellow artists to pursue the curating of their own shows.  While it is good to be part of  various curated  group  exhibitions, sometimes the random nature of such a variety of themes undermines our own voice. 

As artists it  we owe it  to ourselves to say what is necessary.

Talk soon.  C x

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