Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My friend Susha rang wanting to come and take a photograph of me. She said she had an interesting idea. So as a keen beginner, I was ready to jump on in.

Susha is going to one of the Greek Islands this Easter. I will tell you the name of it when I see her again. It sounds like a place where time has stood still. It is apparently rich with old churches and customs, pageants and so on. She has a fascination for icons and should find plenty to capture her attention there.

Susha is trying to hone her camera skills to be ready for the journey. She has a beautiful Canon SLR and she manages really well with it, but she thinks there is room for improvement and is learning how to adjust the settings manually.

As far as I'm concerned, at this early point in my photographic endeavours, I am going to use as many 'auto' settings as I can on my little Canon G9. (A cross between a compact and an SLR.)

I won't be using the manual overide any time soon.

I can really recommend the Canon G9. It is a fantastic little camera. I think you will agree that it takes a pretty decent picture. So I have attached one of Susha's pictures.

Title: 'Christine Turner', a portrait by Susha Shulenski.

If you come to visit me, I promise you won't find me resting on the furniture as I am in Susha's photo. She certainly had some great ideas and we had a lot of fun. Pledged to do some more shoots soon.

After Susha's shoot we went down to the studio, where I took a few photos of Susha wrapped in a wedding veil. (This is one of my favourites.) More photos may come in the following days.

Title: 'Susha Shulenski', a portrait by Christine Turner.

Let us know what you think of these works. Don't be shy!

Till soon. C XX

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